Thursday, December 3, 2015

And I Will Blot Out Your Name

     Je suis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, blessed are the dead who die in the Lord Jesus Christ, that they may rest from labors and their works do follow them, ROJC, Apb, People Of The Cross

Repentant Prayer

     Forgive us O God, according to thy loving kindness, according to the multitude of thy tender mercies, blot out my transgressions, wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse me from sin, then shall I teach transgressors thy ways and then shall sinners be converted unto the... The Lineage Of Sin, Mankind, see Psalm 51 ...then shall my eyes be open, and only then shall my ears attend to a prayer done in this manner, Loving God Of Heaven...II Chor.. 7:14, 15

Prophecy Links

The God In The Mirror 1986

-I was standing at a mirror image of me grooming myself, when it all took on an image of God’s throne which had it’s back to the church. Immediately I heard the Holy Spirit say, God has turn his back on the church, justly I felled to my knees in intercessory prayer toward an assembly situation worsen here thirty years later.

-One of the most spectacular illustration of this, one of its most fantastic lessons, was Jesus talking about the seed, the grain of wheat going into the earth and what would happen. How it would yes die, but just as soon it would reproduce life, evidently illustrating His own Blood Sacrifice. Well what we call life and living, for without shedding of blood (holocaust) there is no remission; make that no continuance, so all cursed to hell is this better description.

-No this blessed Lord Jesus who would spill innocent blood was talking about glorious seeds given from above. That to instead die for Him, this condemnation is without defense and passes away by one’s own repentance, please take a look at the god in your mirror and ask yourself, what have you done with him?

The Burning Church, Cries Rising Up To God, 1987

-I looked and I saw a burning church, one being consumed right away, I saw and heard the smoke thereof rising and mourning up to God. Then just as soon I heard a voice, “behold it is the church, it has been cast down and literally destroyed, but the foundation haven’t been destroyed; but the foundation haven’t been destroyed, it can be rebuild back upon the foundation laid by Christ and his Holy Apostles," and the vision passed from me.

-Truly, that from the Living Spirit, to the Living Word, (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, the Patriarchs as so the 4 Gospels), unto Christ’s Cross, the Acts of the Apostles. That's the Apostle’s Epistles, the Early Church, right unto the Revelations of Jesus Christ, as so, unto the at present evaporating along the First Resurrection,(Rapture Of) Church Age Saints. That it was all engineered by the Holy Spirit so all mankind could better worship and thus serve the God of Heaven. In this truth you find the Children of God, you see the children of God, doeth not sin (practice sin), for the their seed (seed of righteousness) remain in them, (is rooted in them) and they don’t not commit sin, so all is left are the children of the Devil.

From Monstrous, Murderous Homes Straight Through To The Crying God 1988-1993

-This actually happen to me in my closet, that when I’d finished praying, well something similar happen some years earlier, I’d entered into my closet to pray for my children. This as a corrupt spirit was being noted, so I went in to pray that Holy Spirits and I could discuss it, when just as soon I heard Elohim say, "as long as you allow modern technology into your home by way of cablevision, video games and vulgar rap music. All abominations of which America is now horribly reaping, further the Holy Spirit described how it would be as a form of placing a gun to our children‘s head and pulling the trigger." See especially black on black crime, and domestic violence which claim like 100 thousand Americans 2008, see

-So this particular morning, as I finished my closet prayer, I begin to detect an oddity, I knew something wasn’t right, and just as soon the Holy Spirit revealed I realized, there was a silence in heaven. I guess I knew what it was John the beloved felt, he as well described a silence in heaven, lasting about half an hour. All I can tell you, soon all I could hear was God balling and wailing, that's crying uncontrollably, so much so and being acquainted to his grieves and sorrows I too began to wail then I heard. “My people are dying, dying and they’re being stripped of everything my Christ has brought them. My people are dying, dying and they’re being stripped of everything my Christ has brought them, behold I will strip their leaders and leave them as in the day, they were born."

"The Righteous perisheth and no man lay it heart, merciful men are lost, as though none consider the righteous are taken out of the evil to come," Isa. 57:1

-Hear this Apostle, this is why churches are emptying out more and more, why they’re being commanded and lead by the Holy Spirits to do so, COME OUT! See Rev. 18. Just as soon I witness a display of the fivefold  ministering gifts, of Ephs 4 which began to unfold there, unveiling the people’s last chance for maturity in Christ, all I know it's hard to believe, the God of Heaven, actually weeping.

-It is said and taught by many that the seven letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor are all stages of the church age period, with the last, Laodicea, the Lukewarm church (dispensation), being right here upon us. I didn’t know in the beginning what I know now, but when the intrepid Dream timetable gave Westernize Civilization 190 months per Christmas night 2001. Apparently this would be the fulfillment of the Church Age as well, done, meaning that prophesied by Christ Jesus “last day,” where he would raise the Righteous Dead out of their graves, all Glory be the Lamb of God, now is this mystery resolved.

The Woman Bond, Weeping Behind The Church 1997

-I was sitting in a congregation before this pulpit which was amazing, so greatly bedazzling, again just this extraordinary when soon I began to hear this cry, “pat, pat, help me pat, a call directly and very precise. I could have set and pretend I didn’t hear but it was there calling me over and over again, so I raised from my seat to see. I need you to know, the Holy Spirit was plainly with me, we followed this urgent call toward the back of the church. This search ended at a closed door, that once open, I’ll tell you what I saw, I saw a woman being bond, this by three or four other women, with a man looking on from afar and she was crying, wrestling, she was calling my name, Pat was to rescue her.

-Immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to explain, "it’s her eyes, something is wrong with her eyes," you see the woman was blind, so I kneeled toward her and readied my healing hands, when all of them looked at me really strange, and I too begin to explain, "it’s in the bible plainly I said, I Corinthians 12 and that was the end of that. I learn early in my ministry, of Holy Spirits trying to help me see, how I’d been appointed an Apostle of Jesus, yes just as the ones gone before me. Though no one believed me, this is why all these dreams are about church business, tis was the season, just think about Joshua’s house, they were to serve God or plainly get out!

Holy Spirits Speaking in My Ear, Telling Churches To Get To Alters Of Jesus Christ 1998

-I’d learn a few things by now, the church was settled and being lukewarm was fine, I aimed to turn it into a street outreach it took them about five minutes to show me they weren’t pleased, so like minister Chan here I had to leave. Thus this day I sat folding clothes, watching TV, when just as easily the Holy Spirit start to explain, again knowing I was leaving organized man. Here is plainly what he said, “somebody need to warn them, somebody need to tell them."  "Somebody need to warn them, somebody need to tell them!" "To get to pastors of Christ, to get to ministers of Christ, to get to messages of Christ, to learn of end times events, for a time of darkness is coming."

-Now I need you to understand, like Jesus in Matthew 7:21-23, the Holy Spirit isn’t talking about supposedly worldly people, he is actually telling Minister's to tell Church people to get to those Churches of Jesus Christ instead, now pause momentarily and think on that. Then reconsider five of the seven of Asia Minor did fall, Jesus knocking on their doors and all. Of course being nearly twenty years later, said darkness arrived per Saddam Hussein’s Trial, when they hung him taking his life. Still this world outcry for a Hussein yet to rise and Barack Hussein now to arrive. Don’t get too excited, the Holy Spirits actual called was that all Churches, Pastors, Messages and especially all Repentant Alters get themselves hurriedly back to Jesus Christ's Cross.

And It All Came Tumbling Down 2010

-All these years I’ve told this inconceivable vision through one of my book characters Soledad Maurice, it scared him so bad he didn’t know what to do. He hadn’t been home to his new wife in days and right now he was glad to see his big brother Desrek's face. In the vision I witness the heaven begin to freeze over, I guess one would think like a river in winter and just as soon it began to crack. That just as it cracked there was more of a phenomena thing to realize, this wasn't ice, the sky had actually become crystalized, again all over then soon. Just as soon it break and shatter through and through, with nothing holding it back, huge, jagged portions of it start falling and crashing to the earth so nothing under the whole heaven was safe.

-While like all the others I too began to run for my life, not only gone were the crystal sky, but huge starves of plenty had instead arrived and millions upon millions no doubt lost their lives. Still there was something else amazing to see, I looked and saw as well two crystalized beast, they both stood upright with pride, crystalized beast, crystalized skies. One was to look upon this demonized alligator, well the second remind me of one of the recent Monster Godzilla’s, such this horrid disaster, now go and read Soledad’s version, it has much more to tell you, see, read here,

QUIT MAN! Fall In Love With God, QUIT MAN!

-Holy Spirit speaking in my ear, Churches need to fall in love with Elohim 2013. I’d been on a 21 day fast trying to restore this newest love, the only one I knew had recently ascended above, if lighting could strike twice that would be God ordering my life. I was sitting doing what I do, when I watch TV I mostly channel surf you see. I paused as I looked into this massive congregation, just long enough when I heard the Holy Spirit say, “these people need to fall in love with God!” This goes back to Minister Chan, asking who among them was on fire for Jesus, particularly none of them as they'd not given Elohim any reason.

-I still remember that Sunday morning I asked the church sitting before me, when was it they knew, that in their hearts God's love grew, a charity completely rooted in forgiveness. This being true for a certainty that for the souls of men their hearts were breaking, though none of them could straightly answer. That unless they got a word of Jesus out, could they never be satisfied, this is what Minister Chan mean when he asked, are you on fire for Jesus, Man? That’s have you fallen heads over hill in love with God and His People, this is what sustain Jesus, being so in love, thus He wouldn’t grieve Holy Spirits, that's sin against God, for any reason, Get Love, Get Jesus!

Telling all leaders to Let His People Go! 2015

-I read briefly, and I say briefly for a reason, where this person asked a question, what comes first the spirit or the flesh? What he was asking was, when God plants another soul for outreach, does all this happen in heaven, then such person get planted into the womb, of a marriage now chosen? I mean this is what this question mean to me. Thus doing this particular testimony, I was in the throne of God, there was a party, a celebration going on, so Angels and Holy Spirit were just mingling around. Soon one approached me, I always thought an angel, but it could’ve been a redeemed brethren, it could have been Jesus Himself. He said and I quote, He want to see you, and I said who? And He said, Him, when just as soon I found myself standing before what appeared to be a mountain, when this illumination like the sun did appear and spoke, and you guys spoke, that's commanded, “Let My People Go!” (MAKE MY PEOPL FREE!), meaning deliver them out of the hands of corrupt, abominable leaders.

-When Jesus explain to the people all that’d gone before them were thieves and robbers, he was in essence saying, he was the best thing ever. I will lead you into all truth and said truth will make you free. Surely,  Jesus meant a time of no longer walking on water, but being a Living Spirit where you hover above it. In the book of Revelation it’s shown, this is where the Great Whore sit, just this ocean of miserable people, this seething cup of trembling.

-This wicked predatory lending, there sipping on martyred blood of the nations, tribes and tongues all over this world, and only by Christ’s Cross are you instead levitating just above it. This Apostle been telling you, those who could tolerate the RAM’s message, Gabriel told us 2004, this was all and done for, on to the fulfillment of all things, the Marriage Supper saith welcome, the Seventh Angel prepare to sing, the kingdom of man have become the Kingdoms of God and His Anointed, and Forever They shall reign, COME OUT! AWAKE, Apb, The RAM

...and he shall set me upon a rock, and now my eyes be lifted up above my enemies round and about me...Psalm

Prophecy Links

Two Of the most Strangest Dreams

-Seen to be seeing, Michael Clark Duncan singing Opera in the midst of a mass wilderness, I remember thinking, I didn’t know he knew how to sing. Still, what does a dream like this mean? John the Baptist was known for being one shouting in the wilderness, "make ye a straight path for the lord to travel," no doubt the message unto the strait path, gate that only lead to Christ Jesus, perhaps this other thing he always could’ve done with his life.

-As so there was a voice declaring: "How Jennifer Hudson owed 69 dollars," whatever could any of it mean? Now with the things Jennifer suffered regarding her mom and her brother, when we’re in agony this way. How there’s no telling what mounting anguish as this may get us to say, we make all kind of promises to God and so it's those we break. Maybe here is a reminder, how celebrity will dissolve one day, even the American Dream having finished it’s job, the 69th year of Daniel done, now unto the final, Seventieth One.

Lukewarm and Loving It, Frances Chan       

-The Fellowship of the Martyrs shared this video on their face-book page a month or so ago, I don't know any of the details since. Whether Minister Chan has been wrongly or even strongly judged, mocked, etc.; but I need all those reading here to realize. Francis Chan, even the Holy Spirit through him, just reached a Crescendo in his spiritual life, that even in his ministry where he no longer wanted to be an accomplish to the greatest Satanic style mutiny regarding God's form of righteousness. That Distinguished evil since the war in heaven and that O Dragon failed/felled and brought a third of the angelic host down with him. Henceforth unto the fall in the Garden of Eden and the Jerusalem Temple plot to bury and silence this worlds’ Messiah, Lord, Jesus, it’s Jesus surveying the entirety of the church assembly and seeing it’s the very place Satan himself reign in.

-I’ve awaken from sleep performing this very gesture, spitting and gaging and I can’t tell you why, but that God was demonstrating through me, what this wickedness is like. Though this is the only kind of Church I’ve known for the thirty years I’ve been in Christ, the church beautifully adorn but perilously Lukewarm. It’s like the prophet Ezekiel being told from the beginning he was being sent to a people who wouldn’t listen, the Holy Spirit see it all as those who love living by God’s Grace, but as well love worshipping the world, whose only god is Satan. Thus is Jesus crying aloud, light hath come, but men love darkness more than light for their deeds (hearts, mind, works, ect.) are evil, remember, return, repent!

-I beg you to get this, God was crying, He was sobbing uncontrollably, it's like Lucifer, The Mosaic Law and the Church Age Grace all in the hands of evil, black hearted men becoming something God did not intend. This is the same Holy Spirit which questioned Mary Magdalene tears, who weep with Lazarus sisters, and then after four days of his being in the tomb, rose him to life again. This is the Holy Spirit which told John to weep not, behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah hath prevailed, and now I'm experiencing a silence in heaven and Elohim Himself is crying, that His People, the world He Sacrificed blood, flesh and temptations that could've caused HIM the Throne, are now being stripped of everything Jesus Christ, as Genesis through revelation for thousands of years, forewarn.

-As I was glancing about mass assembly around two years ago I heard the Holy Spirit lament and I quote, “these people (apostate, mass assembly), need to fall in love with God,” meaning all assembly, Churches, Cathedrals, Mosque, all non-Christ worship. Doing the Death Rider vision of 1996, it (religious assembly) was all described as being both abominable and detestable in God’s sight, having forsaken HIM, (sound doctrine, life in the Holy Spirit). Doing that silence in heaven and the weeping sorely God, it (preachers’ preaching) were accused of stripping God’s people of everything Jesus Christ, behold I will strip their leaders,” GOH, but who, just tell me who will be forewarn?

-The Selah singing group has this song entitled ‘More and More Of You,’ with these shocking lyrics as to say, God, take it all away. We don’t need it or even want it anymore and forgive us for seeking your hand (as in hand outs), instead of your face, (as in God’s incurable Grace, Holy Spirit). I remember such a day, I entered a place to play this bill with a smile on my face, the collector called it blessed, as in the American Dream kind of achieving a sorely sick and cursed world. I saw it as God instead taking it all away because I knew this is how I would better serve HIM, that like Paul, you, all mankind, that’s unto their immortal souls, they too would become my workmanship in the Christ Lord.

-Soon to free myself from a five bedroom, fully furnished home to outreach nearly three years ago and loving it, I still found those lyrics incredible. No, if I couldn’t put it in my trunk, or backpack it and toss it over my shoulder, then I no longer had any place or purpose for it, again unto outreaching the Cross of Jesus Christ to the lost. Here I’m reminded of the Prophet Daniel intercessory prayer to God, the 9th chapter of his book, were he cry out in prayer, although his people, leaders alike are aware of these through the ceiling, the heavens abominations yet they’d not made any apologies to God. Nor return to HIS Truth again (sound doctrine, the Gospel of Jesus Christ), but why would they? They apparently worshipped another, as truth, one allowing them to do what they do.

-The prophet Daniel went on to pray, that because of this refusal to repent, righteousness, meaning a reason for an otherwise Loving God to pour out of HIS Wrath, made reasonable sense. People fail to realize although by Christ’s Cross is mankind’s single Blood Redemption, by it, also, the refusal thereof is God’s single legality to take or make a righteous judgment unto the pouring out of HIS Wine Press bearing immortal death and hell toward the unrepentant. These are the great forewarnings I heard pounding at my ear, “the antichrist is to kill millions as millions go broke, he’s talking about you, the richest formation on the planet, western civilization, hark there’s another voice as such, “God said he will kill millions,” now are we talking he the antichrist or He the Wine Press of God? I believe it’s both.

-Just as I described, I left the church ages ago, of man trying to re-institutionalize and departmentalize (see mass assembly) Holy Spirits and return God’s people to the beggarly elements (cursed Adam), Christ’s Bloody Cross set them free from, “destroy this temple and in three day it will be rebuild.” As so, “upon this rock (life in the Holy Spirit, Temple of God), I will build my Church (pounding self into dust, like a grain of wheat, growing up a Holy Spirit of Truth and Grace), I will build my church (Spirit Church, Divine Ascension) and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Which is why just a couple years ago, I came into even better revelations; those of which I’m sure encouraging and empowering Minister Chan to do what he did.

…come out of her my people… meaning the Great Whore of Religion and all assembled, pretending to be, Jesus Christ people…

-That although all mankind live by God’s Grace per Noah’s Ark, per the Woman Seed, per the now Glorified Christ Lord lamenting for over two thousand years how He Alone is the Way, Truth and the Life. Unendingly come unto Him and He’ll give you divine restoration heart, mind, soul and immortality, they all the more worship their earthly father, Satan’s Seat. Henceforth, Jesus correcting the evil, rebellious and thus hypocritical leaders of His unveiling them not as the children of God at all. Though, those of their father, the DEVIL, how the lust (abominations) of him they would do, how like him they’re murderers from their original purpose unto mankind, who abide not in the truth… ye are of your father…’the devil!’ JCON.

-So you see what Minister Chan found literally impossible to do,(as so the Great Gathering of Saints), was more an act of love than vainglory, his followers could no longer see the Cross of Christ for the plenteous pulpits, pews and religious gain (handouts), for only the blood of the Lamb of God, washes away sin, (the veil, blinders). Thus I say take these massive assembly halls and have them all transformed into homeless shelters, leaving only the alter if only to suggest times are so urgent at this point running to an alter is nothing compared to actually sleeping at them. That you assemble the pulpits in likeness of again repentant alters and take every two pews and replace them with beds again for the thousands and thousands of homeless to would be homeless, evidently what the tithe and offerings are originally for.

-Apparently and brokenheartedly, something the elevation of the church at present has completely forgotten, that’s it original mission to the poor, the broken hearted, the captives, the blind, and bruised, to even preach the acceptable timing of the coming of the Lord Christ. Sadly like everything else supposedly HIS WILL so much tradition and regulations of evil men has gone into charity the generosity and compassionate heart, the Jesus Christ of it all has been lost. Thus we return to the image of the crying behind a silence in heaven weeping sorely Holy Father God. “My people are dying, dying and they’re being stripped of everything My Christ has brought them,” …repeat… ‘behold I will strip their leaders and leave them as in the day hey were born," so ask yourself, what are you being an accomplish too, apostate assembly is just another sacrifice of the wicked and thus a transgression of abominable proportion against the righteousness (Cross) of Jesus Christ, God made flesh hath for us, Awake! The Marriage Supper of the Lamb hath made itself ready, the Spirit and Bride Saith come! Beware, Apb, The RAM